What Is Half Rez?

We started Half Rez to bring together 3D and 2D artists, animators and designers for a night of learning, drinking and hanging out.

We have presentations planned from designers and tons of fun games and prizes to give away. Come hang out with like minded folks and let’s us celebrate our craft and learn from each other the fun way. Check out the video below from the last three years to get a vibe of what Half Rez will be like.


Lincoln Hall
2424 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL 60614



Motion Designers, 3D artists, and Artists of all types.


Let’s be honest, most of us work behind computers all day. Come join us at Half Rez to get away from the black rectangle for a while and hang with and learn from other professionals and beginners just like yourself.

For All Other Inquiries, Contact


198 folks are already coming. Are you?


Harrison Fry

Where do I sign up and what is the cost? Thank you for your time. 

Dud Lawson's profile image

Dud Lawson

Janet is the best Jackson 

Kim Alpert's profile image

Kim Alpert



Ben Roche



Mike Ciacciarelli



Mark Trana



Andrea Dunn


Trey Trimble's profile image

Trey Trimble

First-timer hopping on board. Looking SO foward to meeting the guys who inspired and taught me into this C4D world of ours, Nick and Chris! 


Spencer Seibert


Adam Tow's profile image

Adam Tow

Excited for my second Half Rez. Does that make me full-res? 

Kelly King's profile image

Kelly King



Anthony Leon

Sounds great! 

Shaun Patrick's profile image

Shaun Patrick

Save me a place!  

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Devin Hayes


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Jay Brown

First time HalfRezer coming down from MKE. Can't wait! 


Terry Willimott


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Patrick Pohl

half beer half human 

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Nathan Apffel

I would like to attend half res this year. Thanks 

Jason Zenz's profile image

Jason Zenz



Terrence Pitts


Denise Cahill's profile image

Denise Cahill



Josef Haas

I think I can... I think I can... 


Anthony Palermo



Sara Jean Potts


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Amador Valenzuela


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Ben Gregoire

I use half res in After Effects all the time! 


Alexis Copeland


Brad Stark's profile image

Brad Stark

All I do is WIN 

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Erich Buttstadt


John Koszarek's profile image

John Koszarek

I hear there will be tacos AND beer. Or was it beer and tacos... ? 

Dan Mitchell's profile image

Dan Mitchell

All the beer, half the rez 


Gerson Carranza


Brian Levin's profile image

Brian Levin


Justin Poore's profile image

Justin Poore

Flying in from Phoenix. Can't wait. 

Jeremy Albert's profile image

Jeremy Albert



Justin Zurawski



Natalie Lucier


stephan tran's profile image

stephan tran

Definitely coming! 


Jesse Randall


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Jeff Pins


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Rion Sheehan

See yaz there. 

Amber Adams's profile image

Amber Adams

I'll be there 😉 

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Cristina Gonzalez

Can't wait! 


Rosa Gabriela Salinas Linares

I am going. Do I need to make a reservation? 


Lydia Demange



Jeremy Rhoden

I'm so excited for this event. Things are about to get bizarre. 


John-Rhys Garcia

Hello! Would love to meet other talented Chicago artists and animators to help build a time machine...I mean, network creatively 

Heather Dove's profile image

Heather Dove

Excited to check this out! 

Todd Earley's profile image

Todd Earley

First time for Halfrez - insert meme here. 


laura southard



Laura Southard


Adam Glowacki's profile image

Adam Glowacki

Looking forward to meeting people in this industry and make some connections and network! Stepping into the field and nervous! XD 

Chris Tedin's profile image

Chris Tedin

looking forward to this year's event! 


johnhenry clark



Emily Goedken

Looking forward to seeing you all there!! 

Anastasia Dervin's profile image

Anastasia Dervin

I'm excited! 

Taylor Holloway's profile image

Taylor Holloway

Yeehaww 2D+3D mayhem!  


Julie Mullins


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Andres Jaimes

This will be my First Half Rez, I'm excited! 

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Sonia Juan


Joel  Benjamin's profile image

Joel Benjamin


Jake Thomas's profile image

Jake Thomas

shiny spheres 

Mary L'Abbate's profile image

Mary L'Abbate

I'm very excited to join. Let's do this! 

Anna Grace Botka's profile image

Anna Grace Botka


Kevin Botka's profile image

Kevin Botka


Eniola Odetunde's profile image

Eniola Odetunde

First time attendee and I'm looking forward to Half Rez 2016. 

Ryan Daniels's profile image

Ryan Daniels

Trousers optional? 

Wai Hong  Lim's profile image

Wai Hong Lim

Decided to fly over to Chicago on that day. Can't wait to meet other designers. I'm excited! 


Carlos Go-niji Loera Orozco

I would like to assist. Do I need to make a reservation or something? This is going to be my first time. Thank you very much ! 

MELINDA KLEIN's profile image



Siena Esposito's profile image

Siena Esposito


tom vinijpittayagul's profile image

tom vinijpittayagul

very excited! 


Robert Burns


joaquin castillo's profile image

joaquin castillo


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Jim Arthur



Les Sandelman


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Jessica Plummer



Chris Rundell


Ryan Johnson's profile image

Ryan Johnson


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Mathias Omotola

This time no weapons... 

Rick Lundskow's profile image

Rick Lundskow



David Cocciante

Graphic and video designer working in NYC.  

David Ariew's profile image

David Ariew



Dhimanth Rao

Flying in from ATL just for the night to meet y'all! 

Clark Stanton's profile image

Clark Stanton

What up Half Rez! 

Sean Frangella's profile image

Sean Frangella

MotionTutorials.net for my shameless plug of new R18 Coverage!!! 


Ryan Gilbert

Wondering if you could add me to the list. I'll be bringing a few people from utopic as well.  


viky kryvanos

Hi there, I'd like to sign up to come to Half Rez this september! 


Andrea Abtahi



Dmitry Fedorov


Nicole Ginelli's profile image

Nicole Ginelli


Alex Safayan's profile image

Alex Safayan

I'm young. 

Devin Sloan's profile image

Devin Sloan



jill patrick

What is the cost of the conference? thanks, jill  

Peter Olieman's profile image

Peter Olieman


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Tim Chiappetta

Can't wait. HalfRez gets better every year. 


Kathryn Skrundz


Rainier Castro's profile image

Rainier Castro

Hey there. I Would like to attend, network and learn at Half Rez 5. I attended an event at Critical Mass a few years back. 

Zubair Parkar's profile image

Zubair Parkar

As my boss calls it: The Chicago Beer thing. 

Mark Helenowski's profile image

Mark Helenowski

I'll figure out what to write here later. 


Zach Landua



Tnaya Witmer


David Kopidlansky's profile image

David Kopidlansky



Cary Marks


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Nick Tolve


Noah Schloss's profile image

Noah Schloss


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Jason Benjamin


Clark Stanton's profile image

Clark Stanton


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Justin Foren


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David Urbinati

it's half rez timez 

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Sam Sanderson


Luke Wittig's profile image

Luke Wittig



Tim Bruh #Lingard


David Saucedo's profile image

David Saucedo

Went to Half Rez 2 and had a blast. Can't wait to go again. Gonna be an awesome time!! 

Nick Campbell's profile image

Nick Campbell

See You There! 


David Brodeur


Dan Conrad's profile image

Dan Conrad


Lucas Langworthy's profile image

Lucas Langworthy


Brograph Bros's profile image

Brograph Bros

Ready to Bro it out. 


Anya Alford

People passionate about cartoons, art, and design coming together for a party? Sign me up!  

Andrez Aguayo's profile image

Andrez Aguayo


Kathryn Schade's profile image

Kathryn Schade


Nick Liberatore's profile image

Nick Liberatore



john Newland


Erik Holman's profile image

Erik Holman

Hell yea can't wait! 

Vassi Slavova's profile image

Vassi Slavova

Let's do this!:) 

Andrew Staley's profile image

Andrew Staley


Timothy J.  Reynolds's profile image

Timothy J. Reynolds


beeple person's profile image

beeple person

jackedddddd af yo!!111 

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Josh Van Praag


Mike Pindara's profile image

Mike Pindara

This is waht I cool 


Alex Austin

Last year's was fun, looking forward to this one! 

Rylaan Gimby's profile image

Rylaan Gimby


Travis Tessmer's profile image

Travis Tessmer



Sara Potts


Ryan Bechtel's profile image

Ryan Bechtel



Patrick Emling



Sunmin Park



Katie Smith



Tyler Nelson


Luis Mayorga's profile image

Luis Mayorga



Mark Butchko


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Hunter Koerner


Thomas Donaldson's profile image

Thomas Donaldson



Daniel Pernikoff

It's my birthday that day!  

Donnie Bauer's profile image

Donnie Bauer



Josh Hoffman


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Dirk Jensen

Let's do this thing! 


Liza Domingues


Doug Bello's profile image

Doug Bello


Steve Puttrich's profile image

Steve Puttrich


Jeff Lange's profile image

Jeff Lange

I'm ready to monkey around 

Sergio Salgado's profile image

Sergio Salgado

Just get ready fi work, work, work, work, work, work! 

Erik Jensen's profile image

Erik Jensen


Gavin Morrissey's profile image

Gavin Morrissey

Where's the "6" gonna go next year? 

Mike Gugliuzza's profile image

Mike Gugliuzza


Matthew Butler's profile image

Matthew Butler


Brent Austin's profile image

Brent Austin

How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real? 

John Filipkowski's profile image

John Filipkowski

let's get weird! 

Duarte Elvas's profile image

Duarte Elvas

…………………./´¯/) ………………..,/¯../ ………………./…./ …………./´¯/’…’/´¯¯`·¸ ………./’/…/…./……./¨¯ ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’) ……………………..’…../ ……….”…………. _.·´ ……… 

Anthony Morrelle's profile image

Anthony Morrelle


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Jeff McBride


Courtney Hannibal's profile image

Courtney Hannibal

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. 

Gary Barrett's profile image

Gary Barrett



Maria Carretero



Zach Durden


Patrick Coleman's profile image

Patrick Coleman

i'll have a weird conversation with you 

Dave Mehrman's profile image

Dave Mehrman


Timothy Weidelman's profile image

Timothy Weidelman


Chas Fries's profile image

Chas Fries

Computer, load up Celery Man please. 

Dan  Tiffany's profile image

Dan Tiffany


Jake Mathew's profile image

Jake Mathew


Hieu Vu's profile image

Hieu Vu

First timer 😀 

Katrina Zimmerman's profile image

Katrina Zimmerman


Brian McCauley's profile image

Brian McCauley

yes please. 

Brad Backofen's profile image

Brad Backofen

Will there be more video games? 


Ryan Butterworth


Ryan Summers's profile image

Ryan Summers


Brad Chmielewski's profile image

Brad Chmielewski


Chris Schmidt's profile image

Chris Schmidt

To Half Rez and beyond! 

Nick Hopkins's profile image

Nick Hopkins


Teddy Laich's profile image

Teddy Laich

As the kids say these days, Bitchin'. 

mike kislovsky's profile image

mike kislovsky


Justin Younger's profile image

Justin Younger

Who renders the renderman? 

Ethan Barnowsky's profile image

Ethan Barnowsky

Yes, I am a 2015 Cube Race champion.  

Tyler Scheitlin's profile image

Tyler Scheitlin


EJ Hassenfratz's profile image

EJ Hassenfratz


Mark  Mastropaolo's profile image

Mark Mastropaolo

the arsonist has oddly shaped feet 


Blasko Arsov


Michael Bischoff's profile image

Michael Bischoff

Have to come down to represent the 414. 

Timmy Allen's profile image

Timmy Allen

Fifth time is the charm! 

Ivan Mathy's profile image

Ivan Mathy


Chad Ashley's profile image

Chad Ashley



Louville Moore

Hey Nick & Chris, Would love to come out to Chi-town this year for Half Rez! -Lou 

Rob Santella's profile image

Rob Santella


Jake Williams's profile image

Jake Williams

Now with five times more half the rez! 

Jack Bransfield's profile image

Jack Bransfield

I hope there are tacos. 

Dave Kiss's profile image

Dave Kiss

That's what i thought 

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